Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Less is More? More or less...

One of the things I have noticed about my desperate attempts to make myself a relevant presence on the world of the internet and more specifically, Youtube, is the constant pitching I have developed over a period of time. Almost daily, without fail, I will vomit upon the likes of Facebook, Twitter and various other websites my latest videos, why you should watch my latest videos, questions about what people want from my videos, and more links to things related to my videos.

And, after a near nuclear breakdown the other day... my girlfriend (yes I have one, and she's real... stop sniggering) suggested that why don't I just stop promoting the Filmic Type Place?

"Stop promoting?" I cried, mouth frothing with rage from this bizarre suggestion (and the 4 hours uploading time of my latest vid) "Then how would people know? How would word spread? Are you completely mad!?"

After assurances that she was not mad, and that possibly I should cut down on the caffeine, she explained that the constant pitching, promoting and linking would appear, to some, to be desperate, clingy pleas that instead of getting people to watch would actually turn them off...

Of course after that I ate my phone and smeared BBQ sauce over myself while raging to the Gods (the Volcano thing in Iceland btw was totally not me...), but on reflection, she may be right. Now of course this is actually limited to Facebook in Filmic Type overkill, but the constant stream of pressurized viewing may not actually lead to views.

The ironic thing is, it doesn't work. It's actually a vicious cycle of: Promote-few views-promote more, repeat ad nausem. And trust me it is nauseating.

So what's the solution in this scenario? I want my videos to get seen but don't want to keep blowing my own trumpet (I'd never leave the house if I could, fnar fnar). Well, maybe try a bit if restraint and see how it goes. Maybe carry on and hope that the twigs catch fire. Or maybe just go completely mad...

The yoghurt talking to me says the third way is the one, therefore.


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