Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ultra Low Budget Film-Making 101

One of the fun things about being a wannabe film-maker in this crazy world of Youtube (aka The Land of We're All Film-makers!) is figuring out how you're going to make your illustrious epic... with the contents of your pocket. Let me tell you, you can't but an HD cam on lint.

So, you improvise. A lot. Hence why I am making a mockumentary. Basically my work is:

Ask permission to use character (a blog for the future...)
Look over old footage from previous uni films and figure out how to fit them in
Ask everyone who can vaguely act if I can interview them using my digital camera

Then it's a case of making excuses for the quality. Not much footage to use? Why, an elaborate story of disaster fills the gaps! Light, sound quality below par? Well it's a documentary! We don't need Avatar style looks, just visible people talking (even then, optional)! Crap editing software (damn you Windows Movie Maker!) well hey! Just make something easy to cut together!

In the end, in my opinion of course, it's the quality of the material which should elevate even the dodgiest looking stuff. But even then, if you're looking to descend Room-style technical tat, play it off. Make out that it's supposed to look bad silly! It's all a satirical commentary on the indie film scene!

And then after you say that, find a dark room and cry for your failures. You suck.

Seriously though, everyone starts somewhere and even with the bare, bare, BARE bones budget and such, you can make something to show your raw talent. Be it very raw. And painful to watch.


NB: In continuance of showcasing my goods, here is the trailer for Greatman, a film starring the star of T to the Who?: TubbZ

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hello Blog Readers of the world!

So yes, Oli J's Filmic Type Place has decided to get a blog! Madness...

Here, we will be mostly speaking about our current productions, thoughts, ideas and other such filmic type things for your amusement. For now though... who the Heck ARE we?

Well, in reality "we" is really me, Oli Jacobs, and whatever friends, colleagues and other arty types I can get involved. I've been fiddling with making short bits and skits now for a few years, since college, through uni, and beyond (once entering the dreaded real world)! I mostly make comedy stuff, but have also interests in horror, drama and general weirdness. All whatever stretches the old mental stuff!

The best way for me to tell you about the stuff I do though is, well, to show you! I have a website which can be found... right here! On the site are various links to my vids, as well as friends of mine who have their own creative adventures as well as information about my current projects...

And what, pray tell, are those? Well, currently it is a Mockumentary called T to the Who? The TubbZ Story. It tells the tale of Welsh Rapper T to the U TubbZ (Y'all) who, after the breakout success of his first hit single Pussy Train, explodes into the world of fame before going crazy and disappearing into oblivion. You can read more and watch some clips over at Oli J's Filmic Type Place, but for now here is the trailer for your enjoyment!

So yes, I will be using this blog to do more in-depth updates on my general film-making madness. At the moment I just put small stuff on the Facebook fan page (CHEAP PLUG ALERT!) which can be found here!

So yes, hopefully the filth, fury, fun and frolics will all be documented here for your amusement, intrigue, disgust and general dumbfoundery! And most of all, I hope you enjoy the stuff, because the main reason I want to make films is to entertain people. Otherwise it's just ego-posturing, and if I wanted to do that I'd be some sort of cat. Maybe Persian.