Monday, 17 May 2010

The Production Line

As a creative sort, I like to have several plates spinning at one time. Often this means I am running around like a blue arsed fly, attempting to make sure all are spinning nicely and quickly, and more importantly people are looking at my plates spinning going "ooh isn't it impressive he's spinning all those plates! I want to see those plates when they've stopped spinning and tell all my friends about these plates!"

... ok that analogy ran away from me somewhat.

My point is, I like having something to do filmic wise. Not having something on my mind to film makes me edgy and crushed with a feeling of laziness and general slackery.

(In truth, that's every day, because despite all my good intentions, I usually end up spending my days munching on junk food, thinking about ideas, and going to the pub.)

So therefore, I have what I call "the list". This is basically a list of stuff I can theoretically have planned in various stages of production, that I can fall back on and look at and go "right, lets do this then!"

Of course, this leads to much stress and panic when I realize that there is no way in Gods name I can do all of them. At once.

And thats when the plates start to fall, or rather I grab them, throw them across the room, realize what I've done, run after them and catch them again. All the while spinning the plates.

What is my obsession with plate spinning at the moment...?

Anyway, here in lies the issues. To have this plethora of ideas and production plans means a lot of cross-sorting. You look at one and make sure people are cast, you look at another one and make sure you've got a decent script, and you look at another one and wonder how the Hell you'll film it.

But when, WHEN, it comes together, it is very rewarding. There is a great feeling of accomplishment, especially being a zero-budget film maker. You've made a film, you've created something and you have done what many simply talk about. You feel proud, happy and fulfilled...

Until the cold hard hand of reality slaps you, you see a video of someone lighting their farts has far more hits than you, and no-one cares about your creative endeavor.

So what do you do? You go back to the production line, and start planning the next 4 opus' to film...

Because one day, you're sure, you HOPE, you'll catch fire.

That's another metaphor. As a film-maker you don't literally want to catch fire. Despite all the hits you'll get.