Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Curse of the over-heated fan

I think I should subtitle this blog "Diary of a Zero Budget Film-Maker"... has a certain ring to it.

The latest adventure in ULTRA low budget film-making is this: tackling Windows Movie Maker. Unlike most aspiring film-makers and wannabe semi-pro types, I have stuck by the generic, bog-standard, Microsoft friendly editing software despite it's limitations and multiple crashes. This is in spite of being trained in Avid and Final Cut Pro (which, both of them, were also prone to random crashes and stupid tech problems).

So why, WHY? You may ask... why do I bother still using Windows Movie Maker? Apart from the fact it's free...

Well, I've kinda got used to it.

Yes, it is TERRIBLY limited in what it can do, and can barely piece together a half-decent flick, but for the moment half-decent is about where I am. I know where I am based in the hierachy of film-making. Hell, even in the world of Youtube superstars and people just talking to camera, I'm pretty much the lowest of the low. Do I care though? Hell no! I love making my films and despite the odd maudlin period where I realize a video of a man nodding his head to Abba gets more hits than me, I still continue onward!

For me, Windows Movie Maker represents where I am at now. Simple, no-frills and dirt... DIRT cheap. Like cross the road dirt cheap. Like last hooker on the corner dirt cheap. This has ran away from me somewhat...

Anyway, so while I wait till WMM cools down, I write here, and hope you enjoy reading. Never know, one day I might progress to Magix Movie Editor!


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